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(Example) ADOxx Training

Manager 2016.11.17 06:25 Views : 244

Name Total: 7+? 1) CNBU: (2) JS, MR 2) Sungshin U: (2) 3) KAIST: (5) 4) Korea U: (?) 
Code 1) [Dec] A tutorial session at the KIISE Winder Congress in Pyeongchang. 2) [Feb] The 1st ADOxx Training in Asia: Prof. Hwyang in Taiwan, etc. 
Charge ADOxx 교육 ( Example ) 
Begin 00, 0 
End Mar 00, 16 
Description YB 
Goals 20161101 
Meetings 20161122 
Minutes 1) Preparation
2) Accommodation 
Documents 1) [Mar~May] [MK] Made a plan for the 1st training in Korea.
2) [July] [MK,YB] Obtained training materials from BOC.
3) [Sept~Oct] [MK] Made an announcement for the 1st training in the 2nd week of Nov in OMiLAB KOREA at

4) [Oct] [YB] Made a preliminary program for the training; audited by Prof. M.K. Lee.
5) [Nov] [SH] Made reservations for accommodation at the CBNU guesthouse in the Jeonju main campus.
6) [Nov] [GH] Prepared for all the paper works, including certificates, posters, etc.
7) [Nov] [all] Rearranged all the tables, sofa, screen, and others for the lecturing and tutoring style in the center.
8) [Nov] Will prepare for snacks for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and Seo-Ga-&-Cook for dinner.
9) [Nov] will announce system requirements for ADOxx and the training. 


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1st_ADOxx_training (5).jpg

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